Cover these with students, mentors and parents prior to traveling:

To Travel You Must Have Permission Slips and Information Forms Completed:

  • FIRST Registration
  • FIRST Permission Form
  • Cyber Blue / PMHS Forms
  • Medical release: (Required by both Students and Mentors)
    • Must include a list allergies and medications
    • Insurance name and policy number
    • An emergency contact
    • Parent or guardian signature(s) 
  • Emergency forms: (Required by both Students and Mentors)

    • Parent or guardian name and number
    • Other emergency contact’s name and number
    • Student name
    • Address
    • Number
    • List of any health problems, known allergies, and current medications
  • Permission to Ride With Mentor

Conduct Expected for student safety:

  • School code of conduct applies the entire trip
  • Students Go With The Team, Stay With the Team, Return With The Team
  • Students Must Submit a Written Request to Leave the Event With Anyone
  • Students Must Travel in “3’s”  When Not With the Entire Group
  • No students are allowed to go in mentors room.
  • No Mentors or parents are allowed to go in students rooms.
  • No Girls in Boys Rooms / No Boys in Girls Rooms
  • Students must follow curfew rules in hotels with a bed check done by two mentors.
  • Room checks

Communication Plan:

  • Ensure students have been given travel information and carry it with them
  • Ensure students know what Mentors are traveling and have contact information for them
  • Ensure students know meeting places and times
    • Tweets
    • Texts
    • E-mail
  • Have a “what if” plan- Meeting place and time if separated
  • A Travel Meeting Before Events Will Notify Parents and Students of the Detailed Itinerary of Our Travel Schedule and Emergency Contact Numbers