Transportation Safety

Transportation Safety

The Team Will Travel in a Safe and Efficient Method to Demonstrations, Exhibits, Community Events and Competitions

  • School Bus
  • Mentor Vehicles (Driver Record on File)
  • Parent Vehicles
  • Student Drivers
  • Charter Bus

Travel Trailer / Robot Transportation Safety:

The Team Will Transport the Robot and Tools Safely. This Includes:

  • Trailer Safety Check Before Travel (Lights, Tires, Lug Nuts, Wheel Bearings)
  • Trailer Loading Supervised by Mentor
  • All Loads Secured and Confirmed by Mentor
  • Trailer Weight Properly Distributed For the Trailer
  • Trailer Load Checked at Stops to Confirm Secure
  • Spare Tire and Tools in Trailer and Accessible
  • Safety Reflectors in Trailer and Accessible
  • Trailer Doors Locked Except When Loading / Unloading
  • Reflectors and Side Markers on Trailer
  • Team Number on Trailer Roof For Visibility