Safety Equipment

  • Safety Glasses
    • Use: Protects eyes from harmful objects such as metal
    • Description: Plastic glasses that guard the eyes.
  • Welding Mask
    • Uses: Used to protect your face from heat and sparks.
    • Description: A solid flip down mask with a see-through UV protected window.
  • Cloth Welding Sleeves
    • Uses: Used to protect lower arm area if wearing short sleeves from sparks and heat.
    • Description: Half sleeve thick cloth covering your arms.
  • Curtain Shield 
    • Uses: Blocks out sparks and flames.
    • Description:  A hanging orange translucent curtain.
  • Emergency Stop Button
    • Uses: Cuts off all the power and shuts down the machines in the room.
    • Description: A red button with “Emergency Shutdown” written above it.
  • Eye Wash Station
    • Uses: To clean out foreign objects and irritants from eyes.
    • Description: A sink base with two capped fountains.
  • Safety Tape on Floor 
    • Uses: The safety tape is used as a marker to show that all personnel must wear safety glasses past that point.
    • Description: Red tape on the floor indicating that you are in a work zone.

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