Hand Tools


Ball Peen Hammer

Use: Used in metal working.

Description: Has a ball shaped back side used to flatten and or bend metal.



Claw Hammer

Use: Used for pounding nails in wood. Reverse side used for pulling out nails.

Description: A type of hammer which is used mostly on wood and not on metal.


Dead Blow Hammer

Use: Used to safely hit things

Description: A type of hammer which is used to help minimize damage to the surface being struck while still having control in the strike.



Flat Head Screwdriver

Use: Tool for driving fasteners with a straight slot

Description: A type of screwdriver used for loosening or tightening fasteners.

Open-end wrench

Use: To tighten and un-tighten nuts and bolts.

Description: One-piece wrench with a U-shaped opening that grips the nuts and bolts.




Chain Stretcher

Use: To stretch chain

Description: A tool to aid in the inserting of the master link.



Deburring tool

Use: Removing sharp edges from parts

Description: Removes the sharp edges from parts and makes them smooth and safe.


Needle-Nose Pliers

Use: To reach things in small areas

Description: Long gripping nose provides excellent control and reach for fine work in small or crowded areas.


Use: Crimps or squeezes lugs onto the ends of wires so they can be easily connected to other components.

Description: Has various sizes based on wire and type of connector.

PWM Cable Crimper

Description: Crimps connectors to the ends of PWM or servo cables

Use: Allows for the creation of custom sized PWM cables.



Wire Splitters




Wire Cutters