Cutting Tools


Use: Threads an outside surface for bolts

Description: The die cuts a thread on a cylindrical rod, which creates a threaded surface (male) which fits into a threaded hole. The gold pieces on the left and right are dies.


End Mill

Use: Cutting Tool used primarily for side cutting on milling machines. If center cutting, they can be used for plunging.

Description: A milling cutter used in machining applications for metal removal.


Use: Improving surface finishes.

Description: Removes small amounts of material from your piece to make it have an improved surface finish.




Use: Cutting Tool used with a milling machine, lathe or powered hand drill.

Description: Cutting tool used to produce high precision holes.


Spot Drill

Use: Making a small pre-hole for your final drilling.

Description: Cuts a small hole for your final drilling to increase the accuracy of the final hole location.



Use: Threads the inside of holes for bolts.

Description: A tap cuts a thread on the inside surface of a hole, creating a surface (female) that will hold a bolt.


Wire brush

Use: Cleaning surfaces

Description: Can remove rust, paint and or other objects from surfaces.