Component Basics

Electrical Components:

  • 6 Gauge Wire- Used to wire the battery and 120 amp breaker
  • 14 Gauge Wire-Used to wire the motor to the circuit breaker. Handles up to 30 Amps
  • 18 Gauge Wire-Used with 20 amp breaker. Used to power the voltage regulator module (VRM) or the Pneumatic Control Module (PCM) from the power distribution Board (PDB). Also used to power the conpressor from the PDP
  • 120 AMP Breaker- Power to switch on robot
  • Analog Module-  Allows various sensors, such as a potentiometer or a gyro, on the robot to be monitored.
  • Circuit Layout- Layout for the wiring
  • D-Link Radio- Signals programming to robot and back
  • Fuse Panel- Panel where all wires go to
  • Pneumatic Control Module (PCM)-Controls all pneumatic
  • Power Distribution Panel- Distributes power to robot
  • Robo Rio- the brain of the robot
  • Talon SR- Delivers power to Motors & Controls
  • Voltide Regulator Module (VRM)- Controls volts

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