After High School

Scholarship Tips:

FAFSA– Federal Student Aid

FAFSA is a student financial provider under the U.S. Department of Education. This division allows students to receive grants and loans for a higher education by informing, managing and offering free assistance for students.

FIRST Scholarships

The FIRST Scholarship is an official scholarship of the recognition of knowledge, technical and life skills offered to students who participated on FIRST teams.


The ACT, Academic College Test, is a standardized test mandatory for the completion of high school and acceptance into a college. It consists of four categories: English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science Reasoning. The link below gives information on testing, test results, test centers, test dates and deadlines, test preps and information on students with disabilities.

Fast Web

Fast Web is a financial aid website that gives information to students on paying and preparing for school. This website also offers information on student life, jobs and internships.

Real World Placements:

Colleges: Purdue, IUPUI, Ivy Tech, Indiana University, MIT, WPI, Rose-Hulman etc.

  • Many job opportunities come with a higher education. Skills learned in a FIRST team help with receiving that higher education by allowing students to implement leadership skills, experience hands-on work, build a professional mentality and develop technological and mechanical skills.

Companies: Rolls-Royce, Allison Transmission, NASA, Roche, Frito Lay,FIRST, Show Ready Events, AndyMark, Boeing, Innovation First, and other technical companies.

  • With a higher education comes numerous job opportunities. Many companies like the ones listed above look for students who have experience in hands-on work, leadership skills and a technological background. The skills looked for by these major companies are also the skills developed and encouraged in FIRST teams.