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General Information

Cover these with students, mentors and parents prior to traveling:

To Travel You Must Have Permission Slips and Information Forms Completed:

  • FIRST Registration
  • FIRST Permission Form
  • Cyber Blue / PMHS Forms
  • Medical release: (Required by both Students and Mentors)
    • Must include a list allergies and medications
    • Insurance name and policy number
    • An emergency contact
    • Parent or guardian signature(s) 
  • Emergency forms: (Required by both Students and Mentors)

    • Parent or guardian name and number
    • Other emergency contact’s name and number
    • Student name
    • Address
    • Number
    • List of any health problems, known allergies, and current medications
  • Permission to Ride With Mentor

Conduct Expected for student safety:

  • School code of conduct applies the entire trip
  • Students Go With The Team, Stay With the Team, Return With The Team
  • Students Must Submit a Written Request to Leave the Event With Anyone
  • Students Must Travel in “3’s”  When Not With the Entire Group
  • No students are allowed to go in mentors room.
  • No Mentors or parents are allowed to go in students rooms.
  • No Girls in Boys Rooms / No Boys in Girls Rooms
  • Students must follow curfew rules in hotels with a bed check done by two mentors.
  • Room checks

Communication Plan:

  • Ensure students have been given travel information and carry it with them
  • Ensure students know what Mentors are traveling and have contact information for them
  • Ensure students know meeting places and times
    • Tweets
    • Texts
    • E-mail
  • Have a “what if” plan- Meeting place and time if separated
  • A Travel Meeting Before Events Will Notify Parents and Students of theDetailed Itinerary of Our Travel Schedule and Emergency Contact Numbers

Finding Hotels

Event Housing and Travel Discounts with FIRST

Questions you might want to ask:

  • Inside doors
  • Continental breakfast
  • Time of breakfast
  • Mall/other food sources in walking distance
  • Conference room
  • Group discounts
  • Complimentary room for bus driver

Food Options

Plan ahead!

Look at the food options that are close to the venue.

  • What is the cost
  • Stadium prices
  • Nearby fast food
  • Box lunches (frequently offered by regional venue*)
  • Picnic outside venue

Go to areas with multiple restaurants so that you can spread out among them for faster service.
*Must pre-order at the event

Materials to Take to Competitions

What to take with you

  • No heavy machinery may be carried into competitions (consult FIRSTcompetition manual).
  • Take extra subassembly parts (consult FIRST competition manual for legal amount).
  • Take tools that were used in robot construction.
  • Check for availability of machine shop at the competition.
  • Take a tool box to have your tools easily organized.
  • Take pit display materials to advertise your team and assist with judge presentations.

Vehicle Options

  • Charter bus
  • School bus
  • Mentor cars, depending on township rules
  • Plane


  • Look at distance and number of people travelling
  • Get 2-3 quotes for plane/charter bus
  • Carpool with other FIRST teams going to the same place