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Team Organization



  • Talk to parents first
  • Identify connections through team members
  • Talk to sponsors for mentors
  • Look for universities in area for mentors
  • Teachers in school can also be mentors
  • Look for mentors with diverse set of skills, not only engineering mentors


  • Display at freshman orientation
  • Build connection with foreign exchange students
  • Encouragement from current members
  • Video announcements
  • New member open house
  • Ads in school newspaper
  • FLL, FTC/VEX┬áteams in area
  • Teacher recomendations
  • Club fair

School Administration Support

  • Make personal contact with them
  • Invite to competitions
  • Invite to workspace
  • Be respectful to school and workplace
  • Contact higher level personnel, i.e. school board members
  • Demo at school board meetings
  • Assist with special projects at school
  • School Staff Support program
  • Involve team with clubs at school

Team Structure

Structure 1:

  • Design
  • Manufacturing
  • Assembly
  • Controls
  • PR

Structure 2:
Divide robot up

  • Subteams assigned by robot component i.e., drive train, components, manipulators, etc.
  • Have students from design, build, assembly, etc. on each part

Structure 3:
Task based

  • Calendar for each day of build
  • Goals
  • Divide tasks between students based on goals of the day