A team website is a great way to communicate information about the team to the outside community. Articles, photos, new updates, and other information can help others learn about your team, your school, your sponsors, and FIRST. Links to other websites will let you provide access to content without hosting it on your site.

Many web hosting sites are low cost. You will need to buy a domain name (such as “”) and then maintain the name.

There are many website development tools that make creating and managing your site an easier task than it was just a few years ago. This site is managed under WordPress and there are many similar options that are free or very low cost.

A team website also allows some team members to develop specific media/communication skills for a possible future career.

A team website can also host team forums, where team members can communicate information in a different level of detail.

Remember to UPDATE, UPDATE, UPDATE… Your website is only as good as your last post.