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It can be a challenge to communicate with all of the students, mentors, parents or guardians of student team members, and others in the community who are interested in your team.  The use of multiple communication methods provides several options for others to be aware of what is happening with the team. Work to find the best combination for your team.

Money is one of the most important aspects of a robotics team, and creating and managing a budget is critical for long-term success.

Keeping your team organized is extremely important in order to maintain structure and efficiency, especially after mentors and students eventually leave the team.  Keeping a well-documented leadership system helps maintain structure within the team for a long time.

In addition to maintaining good team management, a team must be organized collectively in order to function.  For example, the team should seek to add new members and work to gain support from their school and community.

Once a team functions well internally, it must also find a way to transport members, mentors, the robot, tools, and materials all to various events across the country.