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clickFRC is a website designed, developed and maintained by FIRST Robotics Team 234, Cyber Blue. Our home is Perry Meridian High School in Indianapolis, IN. 2017 is our 19th season to compete in FIRST. We are excited to see you all out on the field!

This website is designed to provide a “launch pad” for teams to find information about the FIRST Robotics Competition. The site is a compilation of information created by the team and collected from other websites. In many cases, there is a link to a good source provided instead of duplication of content from another location. There is a lot of great information, including business ideas, travel advice, and technical knowledge in a well-organized format. We do not claim to be original authors of all of the content on this website.

Our goal is to make it easy for teams, especially newer teams, to find the information and resources they need to be successful during the FRC season. We hope this website provides that access.

Please provide feedback, comments, and suggestions for us to continually improve the site. Comments can be sent to
Please note this is not an official FIRST website and nothing on this website should take precedence over the official FIRST information. This website has not been reviewed or endorsed by FIRST.
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