Spare Parts

Spare parts and replacement parts are important for keeping your robot working throughout the competition.

General Parts – Batteries, nuts and bolts, pneumatic tubing, chain and other parts are important and should be a part of your tool chest.

Specialty Purchased Parts – If possible, but spare special and unique parts you have purchased and are using on your robot. These parts could include specific motors, pneumatic cylinders, sensors, electrical components, wheels or special sizes of nuts, bolts and screws. This could also include specific sizes of drive belts and other unique components you are using.

Specialty Manufactured Parts – If you have made specialized components or parts for your robot, it could be difficult to make a replacement at the competition, and unlikely that any other team would have a part you could borrow. Focus on parts that are critical to your robot’s operation and prioritize parts to be made based on your budget and schedule.

Borrowed Parts – FIRST – FIRST has a small supply of common spare parts at most competitions. Some are only available as a trade and a team mentor must borrow the part. Most of these parts need to be returned at the end of the competition.

Borrow Parts – Teams – Many FIRST teams take along a supply of general spare parts that they will share with other teams. These parts can include nuts and bolts, gears, motors, pneumatic parts, wire, chain and other items. Some of these parts are available to take and use and keep, but others can be expensive and should be returned to the teams. Be sure to check with a team mentor when borrowing parts, and return them if that is what is agreed.