Key Roles/Assignments

There are key roles for the competition that should be reviewed and agreed before you attend the event. Once you arrive, there will be a lot of activity and work to be done, so the more preparation that can be done in advance the better you can perform.

Working to be sure each team member has a role will help spread the workload and make sure each team member has an important job to perform at the event.

Pit Crew – The Pit Crew is responsible keeping the robot ready for matches.

  • Keep the robot repaired and operating
  • Change bumpers
  • Keep batteries charged
  • “Keep the Robot Match Ready”

Judge Talkers / Visitor Talkers – This group is responsible for talking with judges and others that visit your team in the pits.

  • Knowledgeable about the robot and functions
  • Knowledgeable about the team and team activities
  • Outgoing and Friendly
  • Approachable
  • Able to stay in the pit most of the time
  • “Make the team look good”

Drive Team – Drives and operates the robot in practice and competition matches

  • Driver, Operator, Human Player, Coach (May be a Mentor or Student)
  • Move the robot to and from the field
  • Agree strategy with the alliance partners
  • Know and understand all robot rules
  • Communicate to the Pit Crew on any robot issues or changes needed
  • “Make the robot look good”

Scouting Team – Watches matches to learn how other robots are performing and help define strategy

  • Watch matches to evaluate other teams performance
  • Record and track performance and create “pick list” of teams for alliance selection
  • Consider scouting data for scoring, strategy, penalties, reliability, autonomous, speed, special skills
  • Consider ‘pit scouting’ for drive system, special features, robustness
  • “Prepare the team for matches and alliance selection”

Chairman’s Team – Prepares and presents the Chairman’s presentation

  • Write and practice the “Chairman’s” presentation materials
  • Be available to speak with judges after the presentation times
  • “Make the team and team activities look good”