T-shirt Design and Ordering

Your team T-Shirt is your “advertisement” for your team at the event, in your school, and in your community. There are several questions for you to consider when getting ready to order shirts.

Does your school have a preferred company to use, that might give you a discount? Or is there a company that would be a sponsor and donate the shirts?

How will you do the design? One student do it? Ask the company to do the design? Have a team or whole school contest?

What information do you want to include? Your team name, team number, school, major sponsors, all sponsors, your robot name or picture, the FIRST logo?

What are good colors? Is the color choice acceptable to most team members, or just a few? Remember each color of printing adds to the cost of the shirts.

How many shirts? One per member? Two per member? Parents? Do you want extras to give away at events?

What quality? Do you want a shirt to get through one season? Or some that will last for several years?