Shipping/ Bag and Tag

STOP BUILD day is Tuesday, February 17, 2015, at Midnight for whatever time zone you are in.

On Stop Build Day, you have to stop working on your robot and put it in the bag provided by FIRST. There are specific instructions provided in the FIRST Manual in what you have to do and the process for securing your robot and completing the paperwork. The official information for 2015 is here.

You will transport your robot to your event on your own, so you will need to plan ahead for how to get a robot of whatever size and shape and weight you have to the competition site. Remember, you cannot open your bagged robot at the competition site until the inspectors tell you it is OK.

You will need to provide the inspectors a copy of the signed forms for your robot bagging, so be sure to save it and keep it in a safe place!

In the “Recycle Rush” game you do not have to have bumpers. If you do you must bag your robot and your bumpers, but the bumpers can be in a separate bag.