Pit Design

When you attend a competition, your “Pit” becomes home to your robot, students, and mentors during the event. Toward the end of the build season, between Stop Work day and your first competition, are good times to begin to develop your pit ideas and pit design.

Competition pits will range in size from 8 feet x 8 feet to 10 feet x 10 feet, with most being closer to the 10 x 10 size. There is no guarantee of pit size or placement, so your designs should be flexible to accomodate the space you are provided.

In your pit, you should be provided a work table and a power outlet. The rest is up to you. Competition pits can be as simple as the work table, a tool box, and a robot. They could also be elaborate structures with computer monitors, banners, and special lighting.

One idea is to make space in your classroom or build area and mark off the floor for the size of pit you expect to have. Then bring in a work table, your robot, and any tool boxes or cabinets. Then, decide what space you still have available and work on your design.

Ideas for incorporation into your pit –

* Team Flag

* Team Awards

* Displays with Team Information and Outreach Activities. Displays could be computer monitors, posters, pictures, or other articles.

* Give-Aways for Other Teams and Visitors

* Special projects completed

* Sponsor banners, Sponsor names, Team Mascots.