Field Elements

A major part of the FIRST game/competition is robot interaction with the field elements. Ramps, towers, tunnels, bars, and the game pieces themselves are an integral part of the challenge.

Having access to the field elements can make a significant difference in how you approach your design activity and the effectiveness of your robot. Here are some options to get access to the field and field elements.

1. Build your own. FIRST provides detailed drawings for you to build lower cost field elements. In the past FIRST has also supplied game pieces in the Kit of Parts.

2. Build partial sets. Building part of a goal or sections of the Pyramid can give you benefits and allow you to practice.

3. Find a local team that has built the game elements and see if you can visit.

4. Attend a “Week 0” event (un-official event near the end of build season).

5. Attend an event during one of the competition weeks before your scheduled event. While you won’t have your robot, you will be able to see the field and the way other robots interact with the elements.

6. Computer Models. Computer models will allow you to “virtually” interact between the robot and the field elements to check sizing, clearances and general size and scale of the game elements relative to the robot.