What to Expect

How’s it all work?

When you first arrive at an event, you will get your robot checked in and remove it from the bag.  You will need to set up your pit area and do any final assembly work on your robot before getting it inspected.

The field will be set up and will be available later in the day for practice matches. Most venues also have a full or partial practice field for you to make finishing adjustments.

On the competition day, there will be opening ceremonies and then matches will begin. Teams are randomly matched with other teams to form alliances. You will have different partners each match. These matches are called Qualification Matches and the will run on Friday and then on Saturday until lunch time.  After Qualification Matches are complete, there will be an alliance selection process. The top 8 teams will pick their partners for the Elimination matches. Check the FRC rules for details on this process.  When an alliance wins two matches, they move on to the next round. This continues until one alliance has won the event.

Judged will be given out on the last day of the competition at the awards ceremony. The awards ceremony is held at the end of the day after the finals. FIRST will give special recognition for teams for excellence in many different areas. Please show respect by clapping and standing after each award is announced and the winning Team is going to accept their award.