How to Present Yourself

A big part of FIRST is “marketing”. How you present yourself, individually and as a team, will drive other team’s perceptions of you – good or bad.

Gracious Professionalism is a key part of FIRST. Teams compete like crazy on the field, and then help each other like crazy in the pits to be sure every team is ready for their next match. It is important for you to act in a responsible manner, follow the rules, and be respectful of those around you.

Most teams will go above and beyond to help another team. But if you are arrogant, ignore advise, don’t follow the strategy you agree to, try to skirt around the rules, or even intentionally break rules; knowledge of that behavior will spread around the event and with other teams, and that can be a negative for your team.

Teams that are in a position to pick partners for an alliance will base their decisions on robot performance and ability, but they often consider the other team aspects as well. The ability to work together, the ability to trust, and the overall ‘reputation’ of a team can be big considerations.

To learn more about Gracious Professionalism click on this link, scroll to the bottom and watch a video from Dr. Woodie Flowers.